Testimonials from Other Parents

Due to publishing about this matter, which is certainly the reason we have been able to achieve resolution, we have received several testimonials (more to follow) from parents whose children attended the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School at some point in its history. All but one are anonymous as the rest didn’t want their names broadcast online for fear of repercussions. After what happened to us, it’s hardly surprising that they preferred anonymity to the stream of attacks we’ve had to endure for standing up!

Although there has been such a determination to make it “all about us”, these testimonials, as they have gradually been sent to us, strengthened our resolve by confirming a systemic problem. Now that our mediation is finished we have decided to publish them because we want people to see that our actions did not happen in a vacuum, but merely gave an old story a different ending.

We fervently hope that this example will encourage others to believe that there is no need for anyone to accept abuse of this kind.