Positive Reactions to the News of

Our Mediation Settlement


“We can not believe you went through the Titirangi experience by yourselves.  We fought as a group, a strong group, and we could not get passed the teacher's own racism (well, Steiner's actually), and then the strange denial of racism.  One of the teachers had the same experience as you, where he was not invited to a meeting, he was then talked about badly to his class and the wrong reason for him resigning was given.  This is obviously a tactic! One with very painful repercussions for those involved.”

“I’ve always wanted to say well done for taking that school on. We left Te Ra School last year after a terrible time in which her class teacher assaulted students, students assaulted each other and bullied each other silly. All unchecked. No time to write properly but having gone up against the Steiner world I have a little understanding of how shockingly difficult, frustrating and isolating it is to do it.”

“Wow - it was quite a shock, and yet not entirely a surprise somehow, to find your site describing your ordeal and endeavors with TRSS. We commend you for how you handled the mediation.

I'd heard some here and there of a propensity for ignoring bullying at Steiner schools, but never the sort of outright negativity and pushback you all had to endure. It's the thing that unfortunately gives us pause about what otherwise seems like such a brilliant educational approach in many ways. Sigh.

I am sorry your family had to go through this. Thank you for being positive about making something good come of it all.”

“Congratulations on “winning” & getting good traction on the truth. It’s very telling that parents have to show leaders how to lead, how to react, treat families. You’re setting a positive example for all.”

“Vous avez eu raison de témoigner de ce qui se passe d’ “anormal” dans cette école et d’alerter les autres parents.”

“Wow. Impressed not just that you won but that you did so with such dignity and class. You’re amazing.”

“Fantastic! Well done for your fight. Bullying is so difficult to overcome due to it’s insidious nature. But it’s so frustrating when agencies that should help appear to be complicit.”

“`Well done mum and dad for standing up to the school bullies - including the school.

You are an inspiration.”

“Thank you and well done for standing up to the bullies of the school, our greatest achievements as parents is when we know we have done all we can to protect our beautiful gifts


Your site keeps me feeling empowered but I also firmly believe that truth and right always wins!!

I applaud you and again thank you for your inspiring and informative, brave, open and transparent site!!”

“An impressive multi-media review of a very unsatisfactory situation. A tribute to the resilience and tenacity of determined parents with a strong sense of justice.”

“Sad you had to go through such hell - well done for standing your ground.”

“Well done to the parents of the young girl bullied at a Steiner School. If parents work to protect their child from bullying  they should be supported not blocked and blamed. I feel Angel Garden and Steve Paris have supported all of us who have tried to stop their child being bullied in school.

My daughter suffered bullying that still brings tears to our eyes. Bullying is a parent's nightmare; your child no longer walks happily to school and returns home like the walking wounded.   

Shame on the Steiner School to forget their guiding rules for teachers which are; "to receive the child in gratitude,  to educate the child with love, and lead the child into true freedom". The website also says,  "allow children to savour their childhood, and that free creative play is considered the best preparation for self-realising adult life". I support the International Steiner approach to teaching. I also know bullying can be handled whatever the teaching philosophy. So what happened to the Steiner Philosophy when translated into New Zealand terms complete with a reluctance to handle complaints?  

Congratulations to our Human Rights Commission! Bullies and those who protect them should be accountable.”

“What a fight it was to get there, like landing a monstrous titanic fish after 3 years of fight. You have defeated them in the most humbling and humiliating way imaginable, by causing them to lose face so absolutely, to the whole of New Zealand. They stand condemned for their actions. Their brand is in tatters. Their Board has been exposed as bankrupt of Steiner principle. I'm sad your family has paid a big price too.”

“Congratulations Steve. Stunning front page victory! They must be reeling at the Public Relations disaster. Your daughters can be truly proud of your perseverance and courage in defeating blind unconscious behaviour.”

“Great to see your victory on the front of the Herald. You guys are an inspiration and we respect your tenacity and fearlessness.  The value of acting with truth and integrity is paramount.  There is no doubt that the weight of the battle will soon wash off and you will be able to inspire others to keep fighting for truth, happiness, and safety for kids.  There is something ironic when the big-wig from the Steiner federation is taken kicking and screaming to have a talk with the Human Rights Commission.  Maybe he missed out on the puppet story at kindy that deals with honesty, integrity, and above all communication!!!”

“Well done!! Good for you!! At last you, Steve and [your children] have received some justice. Perhaps it will help [your children] to move on, in the sense that [they] know that the school has admitted its mistakes, acknowledged the bullying and [they] have been compensated.”

“Great to hear that you are being listened to at last after all that agro. It takes your sort of sacrifice and effort to achieve justice.”

“Just want to congratulate you for keeping up the fight and getting the Waldorf school to admit publicly their wrongdoing. My daughter and I understand what hell you went through, and we are both pleased with the result. Obviously, we think you should have received a much, much larger payout, but a win is a win--a job well done on your part.”

“Hi there and congratulations, you are all to be congratulated for your tenacity. The result of the Human Rights Commission inquiry into bullying at the Titirangi 'Steiner' (so-called) school is fantastic.”

“Well done for the struggle for hanging in there. Hopefully, nothing but improved processes are in place. Steiner may even have been proud of you :)”

“Thank you for finding a way of exposing the rort that is Titirangi Steiner School.”

“Well done for standing up against bullying!”

“Dans ce genre d’affaire il faut beacucoup de courage! Vous êtes des exemples a suivre maintenant.”

“OMG!! You beat the bastards!!! Opened the paper and there you are!! Congrats darl to you and Steve and the girls!! What a powerful mum and role model you are!”


“I would like to praise you for your perseverance through what must have been a harrowing period. I am so pleased for your eventual success and hope you find balance and peace in your new life without this trauma.”

“CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy and relieved that you and Angel have finally won your case. You must feel at the same time drained and vindicated.”

“Congratulations on your success!”

“Merveilleux! Je vais en parler dans mon livre! Je suis fier de votre combat pour la justice! Quel encouragement aussi pour moi!”

“Good to hear about the outcome...still disgusted that it's taken this long for the school to sort things out”

“The point was to get the school to admit slander and their protection of the bully over the bullied. You did that. It was also to help repair the damage they did to your entire family’s reputation. You did that. You cannot repair emotional damage.”

“Well done for standing up to them for so long - a good, well deserved result.”

“Well done mate! Glad you guys stuck to your guns and got there in the end. The sad thing about standing up for your values is you often find you end up standing by yourself as others doubt or attack you. Takes courage and strength to keep going. Well done!”

“I’m happy for you, that you got the result you hoped for. Hopefully this brings some sense of completion for you.”

“As a former teacher at one of the Steiner schools in NZ I’m sorry this happened to your kids - it should never happen. TRSS was wrong.”

“I do hope TRSS learned from mistakes and will improve their education.”

“The thing you got out of mediation was pretty conclusive/impressive.”

“Wow! This is terrific!! You must feel relieved & vindicated & just plain glad it’s finally over!”

“Well done guys! You fought the good fight and you won!”

“Great work you two! Your kids can be proud of their parents!”

“You’ve accomplished something important. It should be heard.”

“Well done Steve and Angel - Well done - let us hope this admission of responsibility by the school results in greater care being taken to prevent or stop bullying in future.”


We thought we’d share with you some of the statements we’ve received from parents at the school as well as from others all over the web, as the news started to spread that we had finally settled with the school.