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about this site

  1. It all started with the Welcome page, back on the 22nd of June 2009, two weeks after our children were expelled for being bullied.

  1. The News pages chronicle what happened to our family from the moment this site went live.

  1. The Letters section contains all email and written communication between us and the school prior to the expulsions onwards.

  1. Documents holds a segment of a school Newsletter article concerning discipline and bullying, a Leaflet we’d produced in November 2009 summarising the situation between us and the school, and the Parent Handbook, a manual laying the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School’s rules. Check the different wording used before and after our children’s expulsions.

  1. We made a series of Videos about our experiences and what we discovered about the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School.

  1. Media features many newspaper articles about bullying in New Zealand along with interviews we gave to various journalists over the years, including TV and radio interviews.

  1. We’re not the only family who experienced unchecked bullying at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School. A few parents came forward and offered us their Testimonials.

  1. People from all over the world have given us their Reactions to the conclusion of the Human Rights mediation and the legally binding statements signed by the school and us.

  1. Older or unfinished pages can be found in the Index.

  1. Please feel free to Contact us.

“You and your family have been very badly treated. [...] You are being blamed for everything that is wrong in the school rather than seen as the catalyst of change that is needed. [...] My wife & I discussed your situation at length and we questioned what we would do if we had been in your situation... we concluded that we would have not kept quiet either.”

Paddy Delaney, Titirangi Steiner School Trustee and founder of Realstew, who did nothing else to help (July 2009)

“The Anthroposophical Impulse is invoked as the reason that the school cannot come into line with the rest of the world on developing (and possibly adapting) a policy of zero tolerance of intentional hurting.”

Letter sent to the school’s trustees (May 2009)

“I have read all your archives and mails, and your annoyance and anger at the school is absolutely justified.”

A parent of Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School (July 2009)