25th of July 2014:

Fairy-tale fallout

“Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy has come under scrutiny in a racism row at a New Zealand Steiner school.” (mentions the events at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School) [read more]

22nd of March, 2013:

Bullying: Principals want action

“The head of secondary school principals has criticised the Government for not doing enough to help schools combat the growing problem of bullying.” [read more]

“We meet two parents who got a $9,000 settlement after their daughter was bullied.” [watch]

7th of March, 2013: Battle with Rudolf Steiner School

“An Auckland family is $9,000 richer after a three year battle to get a Rudolf Steiner school to admit their 8 year old daughter was being bullied.” [listen]

7th of March, 2013: News bulletins

“The family of a young Auckland girl who was bullied at Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School have won a $9,000 payout from the school and an admission they failed her...” [listen]

7th of March, 2013 - Front Page News:

Payout for bullied girl

“The family of an Auckland girl tormented by bullies, including one who threatened her with an axe, have received a payout and an admission the school failed her.” [read more]

February 2013: Steiner Saga Ends

“Steiner schools have a fantastic reputation for being a kinder, gentler alternative to education. In fact, the local Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School even advertises itself as being a “safe, peaceful, natural learning haven”. Many people bring their children there for those very reasons.” [read more]

3rd of September 2012: Boy aged under ten committed suicide, stats reveal

“As more youth and Maori are claiming their own lives, it has also been revealed that a young boy under the age of 10 has recently committed suicide.” [read more]

“A couple upset at the way their young daughter's school handled her bullying claims are making a documentary to highlight the case.” [read more]

“The story of the three small children expelled from the Titirangi Steiner school in June 2009, has had a further recent development in that the Director of the Human Rights Tribunal has again offered the parents of the children and the school mediation.” [read more]

15th of July 2010: Harsh lesson

“Angel Garden's 8-year-old daughter learned some tough lessons at school last year. She found out that complaining about a group of boys bullying her might get her kicked out of school - and her two younger sisters would also be given their marching orders.” [read more]

23rd of September, 2009: Report urges private-school reforms

“An overdue law reform will remove the ability for criminal cowboys to set up a private school.” [read more]

14th of December, 2008: NZ schools lead world in bullying

“Three-quarters of primary school children have been bullied in the past month, ranking New Zealand 34th of 35 countries in a major international study.” [read more]


Below is a list of newspaper articles and interviews relating either to our situation with the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School or with the wider aspect of education and bullying in New Zealand